Memorial Style Choices

All Memorial Productions’ openings blend smoothly into each of the styles that we offer. Unlike competitors who produce cinematic openings that transition harshly into photo slideshows, we believe the opening, middle, and end of a tribute video should integrate and be equally beautiful. Take time to look at the style samples below and decide for yourself which one(s) to use or let us make the choice for you.

Ye Ole Faithful

This time-tested classic is one we rely on often to add that perfect balance of calm and tranquility with lively animation. Subtle yet spirited.

Light Dreams

Soothing light panes illuminate the frames of this style in a soft and comforting way. They embrace photos yet allow them to remain prominent.

Dusk to Dusk

Images drift amidst a background of soft glowing lights that create a perfect environment to highlight pictures of days gone by.


Photos hover above a background filled with a collage of images. No matter where one looks the story of a life shines through.


Each individual photo floats above a background made up of a softened version of the same image evoking subtle drama.


Simply put, this simple and clean design makes it easy to focus on the photos and what’s relevant.

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