Hello Ross,

Below are the working files for the “BOG Brothers” label.

The final working file is an InDesign file.

(on PC)
Right click and “save image as” to download the .jpg images.
For all other files, just click on links to download.

InDesign Files

Working InDesign File: Bog_Labels.indd

InDesign Mark Up File(s): Bog_Labels.idml, Bog Brothers Labels


PhotoShop Files

“BOG Lettering” Photoshop file (11,989 KB): Bog-Lettering-L.psd

“Label Background” Photoshop file (582,623 KB): FinalDesignRevision_01_background.psd

“Label Trees” Photoshop file (198,525 KB): FinalDesignRevision_03.psd



BakerSignet BT: bakrsign.ttf

Good Karma: Good Karma demo.ttf

Notera: Notera_PersonalUseOnly.ttf


jpeg images

300 dpi label with no text



If you need something else, let me know.

Heidi… 612-209-4814