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Slow Songs

Song Sample Song Title Artist Length
A Mother’s Love Jonathan Elias, Sarah Trevino 2:02
A Thousand Years Stanton Lanier 5:15
A Time For Dreams Angels of Venice 5:01
Across The Skies Stanton Lanier 5:06
Alleluias Dancing Stanton Lanier 5:46
America’s Stonehenge Laura Sullivan 4:48
Anchor – (light vocal) Mindy Gledhill 3:16
Awaken the Dawn Stanton Lanier 4:58
Beautiful Lullaby Ron Wasserman 3:59
Beauty of the Earth Shirley Cason 3:03
Depend On Me John Torres 2:37
Discovery Stanton Lanier 4:39
Doves Twin Sisters 6:17
Drops of Light Dan Phillipson 3:10
Everyday Carly Comando 5:48
Free To Soar Katherine Peterson 5:02
God Is Faith Rivera 3:58
Hawaii Ponoi Danile Ho 2:09
Little Noah Mike Schmid 4:25
Lullaby Matt Harvey 3:06
Prelude in the Key of Awesome John Huldt 2:02
Tango En Paraiso Dimitri Diatchenko 4:50
The Rest of Our Lives Michael Maina 2:31
We All Wanna Be Matt Harvey 3:49

Medium Paced Songs

Song Sample Song Title Artist Length
A Mother’s Song – (vocals) Tony Carter 3:32
Amazing Grace – (instrumental) Martha L. Amado 3:38
Amazing Grace – (vocals) Martha L. Amado 3:37
Amazing Grace – (vocals) Round Sky Music 1:40
As Our Love Begins To Grow Kent Marcum 3:02
Best Thing Jeremy Kay 4:21
Biggest Day Ron Wasserman 3:14
Brother I Know My Way All Smiles 4:08
Changing Light Dan Phillipson 3:15
Coyotes Jesse Terry 5:00
Cry Song Private Jack 2:53
Feels Like Rain Calahan 3:33
Hasty Lumbago Mark Wolfram 2:18
Hawaii Aloha Daniel Ho 3:36
Here and Gone Ernie Halter 4:10
Hourglass Mindy Gledhill 3:04
Journeys Vicky Emerson 4:02
No Regrets Childs Play 3:07
Pressing Forwards Dan Phillipson 2:35
Simple Gifts Ethereal Motion 2:10
Sing – acoustic version David Keen 3:35
Sweet Pedal Steel Laura Hall 1:55
The Big Day Michael Maina 1:56
The Little Things Michelle Lockey 3:41
The Love of My Life Jeremy Sweet, Marc Ferrari 2:31
Then It’s Gone Jeremy Kay 4:09
You’re The One David Keen 3:05

Up Beat Songs

Song Sample Song Title Artist Length
A Beautiful Life Justin James 3:58
All About Your Heart Mindy Gledhill 4:08
All You Pretty Babies Caspar Babypants 2:45
Angels We Have Heard on High African Village Band 3:08
Anymore The Woodlands 3:08
Anything For You Fisher 3:49
Baciami Stefano Fucili 3:38
Beautiful Neurosis Michelle Jusko 3:30
Before I Met You Ernie Halter 2:11
Black Eyed Susans Jaymie Gerard 3:56
Blueberry Pie Mike Goudreau 3:37
Called To Be Faith Rivera 4:21
Circus Parade Danny Infantino 3:12
Cowboy Angela Easterling 4:30
Destiny’s Calling Leah West 3:59
Early Bird Jeff Lipinski 3:26
Every Single Moment Darius Lux 4:23
Everybody Smile Michelle Lockey 1:34
Everything’ll Work out Fine R. Scott 2:06
Good Day Reggae Sun Gor MkHitarian 3:40
Grand Hotel Justin Dodge 2:21
Guide Us Free Dubskin 6:50
Happy Cat Rag Ross MacLachlan 3:52
Harlem Rag Ross MacLachlan 2:28
Heart Beats Melinda Ortner 3:11
It Must Be Love David Kessner 3:41
It’s a Beautiful Day Somewhere Gordon Pogoda 3:32
Leap Of Faith Curious 2:41
LeVin David DiGiuseppe and Footloose 3:19
Look What We Got Cookin A.J. 2:29
Lovely To See You Sparrow 3:04
On The Lam Jeff Lipinski 2:47
On Your Side Roy Ashen 3:42
One Day Arlene Kole 4:28
Penny Drops Matt Harvey 3:05
Pineapple Mango Herb Otah Jr. & Daniel Ho 2:54
See the Good Mindy Gledhill 2:36
Serengeti Plains David Keen 2:17
Sign Me Up Paul Otten 4:00
Sleepy City Jeff Lipinski 1:50
Take Me Away Gordon Pogoda 3:09
The Boss Luca Ellis 2:49
The Wedding Gift Rawlins Cross 4:01
This Is My Song Mindy Gledhill 3:55
Torre Bermeja Dimitri Diatchenko 4:50
What A World Paul Otten 3:18
You Make Me Feel Beautiful Michelle Lockey 3:19

Patriotic Songs

Song Sample Song Title Artist Length
Reflections Sturm Liebe 6:14
Taps 1:01
To the Color 0:42