Effects Choices

Memorial Productions proudly offers special effects to add depth, movement, and bring life to what otherwise would be a still image. We slow the timing of video which allows time to enjoy a moment, we steady shaky footage taken with hand held devices, we retouch, animate and break apart images to insure the focus is on your loved one. If there is an effect you need and or want, please do not hesitate to ask. We’ll do our best to accommodate.



Not many things bestow as much charm to a winter photograph as adding gently falling snow.


Much depth is added to an image with trees or bushes when gentle moving leaves of like kind are added to the foreground.

oval isolation

This effect is used to focus on a person while they are standing in a group of people in a photograph.

cookie cutter isolation

Like Oval ISO, this effect helps to focus on a person when standing in a group but, does so in a more crisp and clean way.

Element montage

It’s nice to personalize a memorial with ones treasures with things such as drawings, newspaper clippings, and in this case, a birth certificate.


Sometimes a few photos together are stronger than one by itself. This effect comes in handy to make sure all the grandchildren are included.


Photo Sequence

It’s quite fun to dissolve from one sequence picture to another. In a flip book way it animates the images.

Picture Break Away

This cinematic effect dramatically pulls forward a person ensuring all eyes are focused on them.

Candle Lights

We created this effect because, well… it’s just plain fun. It works very well on images that include cakes.



Steadying shaky footage taken with hand held devices makes it much easier on the eye to watch.

Slow Mo Video

If only we could slow the clock, as easy as we can video, and allow ourselves the time we need to fully absorb these tender moments.

Custom Effect

In the above sample we created a bicycle wheel photo transition. If there is an effect you need and/or want, please feel free to ask.