What Memorial Productions Does

Using photos, video, audio, stories, and whatever else families can provide, Memorial Productions
creates unique, high-end Celebration of Life videos that honor a person’s life.

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individual Package Plans

We offer three different package plans: basic, semi-custom, and custom.

Each of our packages includes all the elements required to turn a loved ones pictures into a quality tribute video, but there are differences between them such as: length, the inclusion of effects, custom opens, and product extras. Click the link below to learn the differences between these packages.



Why Memorial Productions

We’re all you need to make a beautiful tribute video for your loved one.

Our experience

Memorial Productions brings to the table 20+ years of experience animating and editing video for broadcast, corporations, and for private individuals.

Custom Work

It’s because of our experience that we’re in a good position to accommodate special requests and are able to customize tribute videos with tight deadlines.

Ideal for business

We add value and revenue to funeral homes and chapels that refer Memorial Productions to it’s customers. If you are interested in learning more about working with us, please call 612-900-9987.


By taking time to listen to the stories behind the photos and video through the eyes of relatives and or friends, Memorial Productions positions itself to truly capture and honor the life of a family member.


Samples of our work

Earl Domke – a Caring Father

Clarissa Gray – a Loving Mother

Ward Edwards – WWII Navy Ensign